It is our belief that most of the corrupting influences in American Politics could be erased
and government made more responsive by one basic improvement. That is, simply for more
good citizens to participate in politics. “We get the government we deserve,
not the one we wish for
,” remains a guide-star for a free people. We offer
a meaningful movement of political clubs as the most practical means by which
a broad citizen participation in politics may be achieved. - A Community Information Network for Jefferson County, MO
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Here are the rules for the Local Caucus as supplied by the
Missouri State Committee

...are some of the most important election to vote. The people we elect to these positions have a great amount of influence on our daily lives and the fees that we pay to the different entities.  
 Get to know your elected representatives.
Or run for office.

“Free Government Requires Active Citizens”
   Candidates Next Election 


MENU ITEM: I Want To:   
Adopt a Cat & Dog
Adopt a Road
Apply for a    Expand Apply for a
Pay Property Taxes
Pay a Traffic Ticket
Pay for a Building Permit
Register to Vote
Report a Code Violation
View County Master Plans
View County Codes
View County Maintained Roads
View Roadway Restrictions and Projects
Contact County Person
Agendas & Minutes/Journal
Animal Control/Adoption
Boards and Commissions
Codes & Ordinances
Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal
Courts Information
FEMA Flood Maps
For Businesses
Highway Division Services
Parks Activities
Real Estate Property Lookup
Surplus Property/Trustee Property
Taxes & Payments
Voter Registration
Notary Commission
Municipal Courts Internet On-line Payments
Veterans Wall of Honor 
And Much More


Click Cover
to view contents.
For text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired please contact 314-835-7685 or e-mail

As part of our mission to educate and inform the citizens of Jefferson County about their form of government.
The Pachyderm Club
has published
The Jefferson County Charter
in a handy pocket form.

The charter is the constitution for our County Government and it is important that citizens are aware of it’s content.

The booklet contains the phone numbers of your county government offices and information on the
Charter Commission
who worked to author the
Charter and
passed by the voters of
Jefferson County.

Contact us for your copy;
Or pick one up at a meeting;
They are FREE to individuals;
And purchased by groups.

or e-mail

We The People Brochure
click here to download

Here is a video I produced several years ago that tells the true story of our National Anthem. I GUARANTEE you, if you...

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